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    17 Really Good Reasons You Need More Michael B. Jordan In Your Life

    Really, really good reasons.

    1. That gun show.

    2. His smile.

    3. And laugh.

    4. He can even make sweat look sexy.

    5. *drops dead*

    6. Drop the towel, just drop it...

    7. ~ hypnotic ~

    8. No one's here for you, Zac Efron.

    9. Seriously adorable.

    10. Oh, hello sexy lips.

    11. Hey there, funny MBJ.

    12. Lookin' like a million bucks.

    13. Could anyone BE any hotter?

    14. TAKE ME NOW.

    15. There are no words.

    16. : )

    17. A life without Michael B. Jordan is a life we don't want to know.