Peyton Manning Explained Why His Brother Eli Looked Sad At The Super Bowl

“I think Eli was analyzing the game.”

1. At Super Bowl 50, Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos became Super Bowl champions after defeating the Carolina Panthers 24–10.

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2. While everyone else in the Manning family rejoiced and celebrated, Eli didn’t look all that thrilled.

3. And everyone on the internet made fun of his super-serious face.

4. So when Peyton Manning stopped by The Tonight Show last night, Jimmy Fallon took the opportunity to ask him about it.

5. “Everyone else in the box is screaming, people are lifting children up,” Fallon joked. “It was like a cartoon.”

6. But Peyton clarified that Eli wasn’t actually sad. He was probably just a little nervous.

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“I think Eli was analyzing the game and kind of into the game, like I would be, as if he was playing it. So he was just as happy [as everyone else].”

7. Even though Peyton gave a logical answer to what was probably going on with Eli’s face…

NBC / Via

8. …he still joined Fallon in poking some fun at his younger brother.

NBC / Via

9. After all, what else are brothers for??

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