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People Went In After Nicki Minaj Said She's Officially Single Now

RIP Omeeka.

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People were quick to respond to Minaj's news.

Now we're all wondering, how did Meek Mill mess this up? @NICKIMINAJ

And had a LOT of feelings.


Some took the opportunity to hate on Meek Mill.

@NICKIMINAJ @MeekMill with one of the first Ls of the new year


Others didn't waste any time bringing Drake into the conversation.

Somewhere in the world, Drake is dancing @NICKIMINAJ

Because wherever he is, Drizzy is most likely paying attention to this news as well.

"@NICKIMINAJ To confirm, yes I am single..."


Despite his maybe new relationship with J.Lo.

When you just started dating JLo but find out Nicki Minaj is single..

👀 👀 👀

When Drake found out that meek mill and Nicki Minaj ended their relationship 😂

All good things come to an end.