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Now You Can Buy The House Where F. Scott Fitzgerald Wrote Part Of "The Great Gatsby"

The house, which is for sale in Great Neck, Long Island, is going for nearly $4 million.

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The house where F. Scott Fitzgerald used to live in the 1920s is now for sale in the Great Neck neighborhood in Long Island, New York.

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And the 5,174 square foot home, which boasts seven bedrooms and six and a half bathrooms in its Zillow listing, is going for about $3.9 million.

Fitzgerald wrote three chapters of The Great Gatsby while living at 6 Gateway Drive, according to the Wall Street Journal, which is what also makes the house so special.

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While the house isn't the same mansion we saw in the 2013 Great Gatsby film...

Warner Bros. Pictures / Via
Warner Bros. Pictures / Via
Warner Bros. Pictures / Via's still a beautiful piece of real estate unto itself.

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Cheers to the lucky new homeowners, whoever they are!

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H/T the Wall Street Journal