Drake Impersonated Manny Pacquiáo Singing "Let It Go" At The ESPYs

    OVO + Disney = fireworks.

    When Drake hosted the ESPYS on Wednesday, he did a skit of Manny Pacquiao singing "Let it Go" from Frozen.

    Drizzy impersonated the Filipino boxer on the Disney track — eliciting a mixed reaction from most viewers.

    Some were fairly positive:


    Drake playing Manny Pacquiao? Give him the Emmy right now! #ESPYS2014

    Drake is killing it at the #ESPYS right now. I’m dying laughing at that Manny Pacman singing skit.

    Yo @Drake just killed that Manny skit. Hilarious.

    Lmao this drake manny pacquiao skit has me dying

    While others weren't amused by the Canadian rapper's skit:

    It's gonna be funny when manny knocks drake out...

    Was it just me or did that manny pacquiao bit on the ESPYS seem extremely racist?

    Drake being a racist SOB on the espys right now making fun of manny paquiao singing #scewyou #ESPYS2014

    Is it just me or is this ESPYs kind of racist...?

    Drake is NOT singing the Frozen theme song as Manny Pacquiao. #ESPYS2014

    Watch Drake covering the popular Frozen track here:

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