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21 Lessons "Boy Meets World" Taught You About Friendship

Lose one friend, lose all friends, lose yourself.

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1. Friendship is one of the most fulfilling, amazing experiences that we get to have.

2. Especially when you find someone who really, truly gets you.

3. It's nice to be friends with people who know you better than you even know yourself.

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4. And to celebrate the little moments in life that you'll always want to remember.

5. When things aren't necessarily looking up, it makes it a little better to have a good friend by your side.

6. You always want what's good for your friends and have their best interests at heart.

7. It's OK to miss each other even if you've only been apart for a few hours.

8. And it's really OK to let them know you miss them if it's been even longer.

9. Always give them a shoulder to lean on, because you never know when you'll need them too.

10. Prioritize your friends above all else and let them know they're #1 in your book.

11. Real friends don't judge each other or force one another to explain things you don't want to discuss.

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12. Have lots of trust between you, or else you won't be able to survive awkward situations.

13. You should also be extremely loyal; it takes hard work and effort to maintain friendships over many years.

14. Show each other love and affection, because life is too short not to.

15. It's important to always have each other's backs and defend your friends at all costs.

16. Even in times of crisis and fear — this is when your friends need you most!

17. Sometimes you and your friend make an even cuter couple than you and your actual significant other.

18. Don't take everything so seriously — remember to laugh and create fun memories together.

19. Be prepared to learn some of life's most important lessons together.

20. Especially when it comes to the true meaning of friendship.

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21. And if you're lucky enough to find quality friends who you love, you should never, ever let them go.

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