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    Kris Jenner's Instagram Account Got Hacked With Hateful Words For Kanye And French Montana

    Will we ever know the real culprit?

    Early Tuesday morning (EST), Kris Jenner uploaded this photo of the Eiffel Tower:

    But while she's in Paris, the reality star/momager seemingly got hacked on Instagram.

    Gus Ruelas / Reuters

    Around 10:45 a.m., someone posted a series of three Instagram posts that have since been deleted. BuzzFeed has screenshots of the hack:

    The alleged hacker tried to get people to use the hashtag #ihatekanye.

    Via Instagram: @krisjenner

    "So this happened today! Shout out to all of my followers. I don't like Kanye west! I just pretend I do so my daughters can make a profit. I can't stand Kanye and I hate Karim...that's French Montana. He's not even black. If I liked blacks so much I'd date one! Truth be told they are a way to come up. LOL. Shout out to Pam from Martin Tachina Arnold you roasted him. Anywho the first to #ihatekanye will get a follow. Thanks dolls!!!"

    They also mentioned rapper and ex-girlfriend of French Montana, Trina.

    Via Instagram: @krisjenner

    "Who wants to battle with me I'm the baddest bitch...shot [sic] out to Trina"

    The last post claimed Kris's PR team will deny she wrote any of these messages. (Which she probably didn't.)

    Via Instagram: @krisjenner

    "My PR team will say I'm hacks [sic] I'm not let them come with it on radar or daily mail or TMZ I'm not hacked this is me DOLLS!!!"

    Based on her most recent posts, it seems like everything's back to normal...?

    Kris might even be sending her hacker a subliminal message with this photo and caption:

    Whoever's behind the hacks is clearly bothered by Kris Jenner's affinity for her daughter's significant others.

    But our guess is she ain't worried about nothin'.

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