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This Couple's Incredible Harry Potter-Themed Wedding Puts All Other Weddings To Shame

“The [Wizarding] World is so encompassing, you can get lost in it."

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“We are both huge Harry Potter fans. We have enjoyed many midnight screenings of the movies together, as well as reading them out loud to each other, one of our favorite activities,” Meredith told BuzzFeed.

“We have always enjoyed sharing our geeky loves together, whether it be television or movies,” Meredith said. “Our first date was at Griffith Observatory (yay space!), which is where he ended up proposing to me.”


Meredith and Joshua spent hours and hours discussing how they wanted every detail to be laid out and what parts of the Harry Potter series they wanted to incorporate.

“Our vision was that it would be a wedding that could take place within the Harry Potter universe, which we think added to the classic look, helping us stay clear of the cheesy factor,” Meredith said.


“Our friend is a pyrotechnician and was able to coordinate the Goblet of Fire actually exploding when we put our names in it,” Meredith said. “The guests were quite surprised.”


“At least 60% of guests showed up in their house colors, or robes, or full costumes,” said Meredith. “The wand favors got lots of use as everyone tried their best spells.”

“After losing my grandmother two weeks before the wedding, and my uncle six months prior, we really wanted our friends and family to make the wedding the most loving and lighthearted of events,” Meredith said.

All photos are courtesy of Meredith's wedding photographer Candice Benjamin. You can check out more of her work on her website.


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