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    Drake On Cake Is The Only Instagram Account You Need To Follow

    "Drake lyrics lend themselves very well to cake messages."

    Joy Wilson, also known as Joy the Baker, has been baking delicious desserts since she could reach the counter. "I have sugar in my veins," she told BuzzFeed.

    And now, in addition to her other professional creations, Joy started an Instagram account called Drake on Cake where she features her own cakes decorated with Drake lyrics.

    They look pretty amazing, tbh.

    "Drake lyrics lend themselves very well to cake messages," the baker said.

    "There’s something satisfying in transposing an artist’s work into your own medium and discovering what’s created in that new space."

    Even though the account was started six weeks ago, it's recently picked up steam with over 7,500 followers and hundreds of likes and comments per photo.

    "Everyone has been a Drake fan since the day Drake was born," Joy told BuzzFeed.

    "We just didn’t know it until more recently."

    Can't wait to see which lyrics Joy uses next!

    Best. Cakes. Ever.

    You can follow Drake on Cake on Instagram and visit Joy the Baker's website here.