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"Boy Meets World" Fans Finally Know What Happened To Mr. Turner

The coolest teacher on TV recently showed up on an episode of Girl Meets World, and now we know everything we've always wanted.

On a recent episode of Girl Meets World, Riley and Maya meet their awesome new English teacher named Harper Burgess after their older one retires.

And Harper seems pretty similar to another beloved character from the Boy Meets World family.

Someone who also wears a leather jacket, rides a motorcycle, and uses comics to teach larger lessons about important life events.

Yep, that's right — GMW brought back Mr. Turner and fans finally learned what happened to his character on the original show.

Mr. Turner got into a motorcycle accident in Season 4 of Boy Meets World, but it was never clear whether he made it through!

But now we have answers. "Girl Meets Teacher" tied up all of our loose ends and we have a pretty good idea of how everything ended up working out for him.

After surviving his accident, Mr. Turner became the superintendent of schools in New York City.

And he even hired Cory to be a teacher.

He married the nurse who took care of him during his accident.

And according to Riley, Mr. Turner goes over to the Matthewses' house all the time for dinner.

They seem to know each other pretty well, considering how comfortable they are around each other.

She even calls him UNCLE John.

It was too much for every BMW fan's heart to handle.

Mr. Turner also came face to face with Farkle and immediately recognized him as Minkus's offspring.

No matter how much time has passed, the bond between Cory and Mr. Turner seems intact.

And of course, he never stopped caring about Shawn Hunter.

Not only do BMW fans finally have the closure we've been waiting for...

...but the episode also gave us plenty of nostalgia.

Like Topanga wanting him to switch her grade from an A- to an A.

Some things never change.

Most importantly, Mr. Turner is still full of wisdom and important life lessons.

Mr. Turner's accident happened in Season 4. An earlier version of this post misstated that fact. The trauma got to us. Thanks to commenters for pointing that out!