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Bookstores Are Just As Obsessed With Pokémon Go As You

Gotta read 'em all!

You may have already heard about a tiny little cultural phenomenon called Pokémon Go.

And now, even bookstores are getting involved and playing a pretty significant role as PokéStops or Gyms in the game.

Some are even dropping Lure Modules to attract more players.

We will be using a lure at the bookstore this afternoon. Keep close. #PokemonGO

The Strand is a bookstore that's also a PokéStop in New York City, and according to the store, they're a hot spot for Bulbasaurs.

"For people who aren't avid readers or buy their books online, I think you might actually notice the bookstore that you've passed by quite a bit," Whitney Hu, the store's communications director — and a big Pokémon Go fan herself — told BuzzFeed.

I caught a bulbasaur in the elevator at @strandbookstore

"For people visiting the city, you might not have a bookstore listed on your go-to list but if it's a Pokéstop nearby your hotel, you might go explore it."

Hu went on to explain how Pokémon Go players are influenced to buy books while they're catching Pokémon as well.

"We've seen a few people linger outside but mostly people are using Pokémon Go as an excuse to come to the store. It's a fun experience to catch Pokémon within the stacks, but for any book lover that's also a Pokémon trainer, the hardest thing to resist are books. So quite a few people are catching Pokémon and picking up a new read."

Pokémon aren't only showing up in bookstores — they're also being found in libraries across the country, too!

This is frickin crazy. Easily 500 people at the Provo Library. #PokemonGO

This is the scene down at the Provo library at 1 at night. Hundreds of people. Some camped. #PokemonGo

Obsessed with #PokemonGo? All 12 of our library branches are Poke stops, come train with us!

Important library update: We're a PokeStop. Get here and collect 'em all! #PokemonGO

While there are ~some skeptics~ who don't love the whole ordeal...

If you enter a bookstore for the sole purpose of playing Pokemon Go it is within our right to confiscate your phone and your dignity.

...most book lovers are enjoying the connection between Pokémon Go and the literary world.

So apparently if I want to play PokemonGo, I have excuses to go to both library *and* indie bookstore. This amuses me so much.

I feel like a Pokestop keeper. People walk into the bookstore because it's a Pokestop... And I'm like, " are you guys Trainers?" #pokemongo

I own a bookstore, I play #PokemonGO, and I want to get people into the store...because IT'S AWESOME!

So go forth, trainers — gotta read 'em all!

H/T Publisher's Weekly