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    30 Times "Gilmore Girls" Was The Most Fashionable Show Ever

    You have the word “juicy” on your rear end.

    1. When Lorelai looked fashionable while painting Luke's Diner.

    2. When Lorelai and Emily hit the catwalk to raise money for Chilton.

    3. When Rory proved that reading is sexy.

    4. When Rory claimed it was "laundry day."

    5. When Rory threw Logan a going away, London-themed party.

    6. When Lorelai made her own newspaper veil.

    7. When Lorelai found the dress.

    8. When Lorelai wore this to work at The Dragonfly.

    9. That time Rory planned a party for the DAR.

    10. When Lorelai looked happy that Luke just bought her some smokes...Ginchy!

    11. When Lorelai rocked the Fred Flintstone look.

    12. When Rory was her grandfather's best man.

    13. When Lorelai wore the loudest scarf ever.

    14. When Rory went all Quentin Tarantino.

    15. When Lorelai and Sookie wore the cutest dresses to baptize Sookie's kids and husband.

    16. When Lorelai wore this sweater to Friday night dinner.

    17. When Rory worked for the DAR.

    18. When Lorelai and Rory coordinated looks for Friday night dinner.

    19. When Lorelai rocked the cutest pink coat ever.

    20. When Rory brought Logan to Friday night dinner.

    21. When Emily wore this hat.

    22. When Lorelai wore this dress to Liz's wedding.

    23. When Lane got married.

    24. When Lorelai attended Rory's high school graduation.

    25. That time Lorelai and Rory participated in the dance marathon.

    26. When Lorelai threw April a party.

    27. When Rory wore this dress and it influenced Dean to leave his wife.

    28. When Lucy and Olivia met Rory at an art gallery.

    29. When Emily gave zero fucks.

    30. When Lorelai and Luke toasted to their engagement.