40 Thoughts Going Through The Heads Of Graduating Seniors

Time to start preparing for graduation? Begin panic-mode now.

1. You want HOW much for a cap and gown?

2. But I’m only going to wear it once!

3. I am getting carpal tunnel from writing all these announcements

4. Do I really know this many people?

5. I have absolutely no motivation…

6. It’s last semester of senior year, so going out on a Monday is totally acceptable…right?

7. Is “senioritis” a legitimate disease?

8. Because it definitely should be a valid excuse for missing class.

9. I mean, the sun is out so why sit in a classroom?

10. D for Diploma, am I right?

11. Holy @#$%, I only have 2 months left?

12. Wait, I’m not ready yet!

13. Why didn’t I do more internships?

14. What is acceptable to put on a resumé?

15. Where do I even go to look for jobs?

16. Why am I not qualified for any of these positions?

17. And other people actually have job offers?

18. What the hell am I going to do?

19. I guess I’m moving back home…

20. Living rent-free is nice, I guess.

21. Seriously though, who has 3-5 years experience coming out of undergrad?

22. Is that really the minimum requirement?

23. I thought I was prepared for this…

24. I REALLY should have done more internships.

25. I’m F*cked

26. Thank God I still have my friends…

27. Wait…what am I going to do without my best friends?

28. I won’t get to see them everyday.

29. You mean I have to be social and make new ones?

30. Yeah, I don’t know how to do that.

31. Living with my parents is going to be rough.

32. I wish I could move to New York to become a writer.

33. I wish I was Liz Lemon.

34. My life has turned into a cliché.

35. I can’t believe I’m already graduating college.

36. Where did the last 4 years go?

37. Can I have them back, please?

38. I’m really going to miss college.

39. I’m scared shitless.

40. Yet somehow still excited.

Congrats class of 2014…

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