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The Five Best Anti-Drug PSAs On YouTube

A hilarious assembly line of grainy, ironic, deadly serious Anti-drug PSAs from the 80s and 90s found on YouTube. Ranked here for your amusement.

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  • 1. Crack Ain't Cool

    I don't know what it is, but something about the combination of Pee Wee's high pitched voice and the creepy echo of a rapidly beating heart makes this the most absurdly affective message about the un-coolness of crack there is. If Pee Wee Herman tells you it ain't cool, believe him.

  • 2. Drug Dealers Are Dorks

    These kids are smart. Smarter than a turtle in a half-shell. They teach themselves how to get out of trouble. All the cartoon turtles do is offer sage advice in the form of pizza and say catch phrases. Kowabunga.

  • 3. Beat The Streets

    Peter Weller is "the guy behind that mask" in 1987's Robocop. He's a tough talkin' straight shooter, see? And he's here to tell you that the Boys & Girls Club of America beats the streets. No kidding.

  • 4. Drug Abuse Is The New Slavery

    If you ever wanted to know what black people got up to after escaping the bonds of slavery this PSA tells you. Seriously.

  • 5. Straight Up! Drugs Are For Suckas!

    With bad rapping, gold chains and brass knuckles these dope homies get their point across while doing the Running Man.