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    • kristysb

      I hate to see how people posts that groups like these would be up against one of the most powerful militias if things were to hit the fan. No one even takes into consideration the amount of soldiers who are against Obama and if they comply with what he tells them to do especially go to war with their own people then that would make them no better than Nazi’s.Alarge amount soldiers are completely against what road this country is taking andIam pretty sure if faced with the decision to attack their own people or stand up for the people, it will be to stand with the people. Ignorance has taken over and it is obvious when people allow their own rights to be taken away. Ben Franklin is the one who said”Those who would sacrifice freedom for security deserve neither.”.Ithink some of these liberals need to go back and study history before it is too late.Also remember that the gov. was established to maintain order and work for the people not take over. The sole reason the bill of rights was written was because they wantedacountry where the people had control not the gov.The bill of rights established sovereign rights the people had if later down the road the gov tried to take over. If people educated themselvesalittle better this country would be better off.Soldiers take an oath to defend the constitution and everything the US stands for so why would anyone think they would turn against their own?Ithink it is great that children are taught how to properly useafirearm so they don’t accidentally hurt themselves or someone else. The problem with all of the mass murders (not just shootings) is that children are no longer taught the value of life. When they are not taught the value of life they grow cold to life and that is the true problem.

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