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    Emma Watson Is Starting A Feminist Book Club

    Proving once again that she is actually Hermione IRL

    In one tweet, Emma Watson announced how she was going to help everyone who made a New Year's resolution to read more in 2016:

    Hi Team, ❤️ I want to start a feminist book club but so far have only brainstormed 'Feminist Book Club' and 'Emma Watson Book Club'.

    Genius! But what should it be called?

    I am almost certain there is a more inspiring name out there.... Does anyone have any thoughts ?! #Emma'sBookClub

    Fans of the actress-turned-Goodwill Ambassador for UN Women were more than happy to help her brainstorm.

    @EmWatson WatsOnYourShelf / WatsOnYourBookshelf

    @EmWatson Going Everywhere with Emma. Circle Time. Our Shared Shelf. Authors and Activists. Girls around the World. Reads and Deeds.

    When Emma asked "why?", @leonthelion000 responded: "Roses tend to be hearty plants but beautiful iron shows the resolve against oppression both things make me think of you."

    Of course, the discussion quickly turned toward Harry Potter.

    @EmWatson @americasingwr @jk_rowling I think you should name the group S.P.E.W. Society for the Promotion of Empowered Women.

    But she finally decided on a name.

    I've decided to go with 'Our Shared Shelf'. @emilyfabb - I absolutely loved this. Thank you, thank you x

    Who's invited to join? You, me, and...J.K. Rowling, of course.

    @americasingwr @jk_rowling definitely going to do that

    What’s on the reading list? TBA but this book “defo” is.

    @bcwaite1969 bell hooks defo on the list

    When will it start? Not soon enough!

    Thank you to everyone who came up with ideas and suggestions. That was VERY cool of you all. More info coming soon... Xxx

    Pretty soon, the world will be filled with Hermiones.

    Which is pretty awesome. Go Emma!

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