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    10 Apps You Always Have To Check The Morning After A Night Out

    How else are you going to piece together last night?

    1. Camera: Because you need to see how rough you look

    2. Photo Album: Because you probably took some ridiculously good looking selfies with strangers

    3. Instagram: Because at least one photo is semi-ok to post and besides filters fix everything

    #nofilter #jktheresafilter #rough #latergram #what #help

    4. Phone: Because you definitely probably might've called your ex and oh no

    5. Messages: Because you definitely probably might've texted your ex and OH NO

    6. Twitter: Because #drunktweet

    7. Facebook: Because employment is important so untag

    8. Snapchat: Because stories reveal the ratchet in everyone

    9. Email: Because...just kidding

    Not now

    10. Phone: Because it's 1 p.m. so go eat a greasy brunch with your friends and figure out what actually happened

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