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    29 Products From Amazon With Before-And-After Photos That Should Seriously Impress Any Dog Owner

    Your mind will be blown.

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    1. A reusable dog hair remover brush so you can quickly get rid of layers of fur that have spontaneously grown on your couch, bed, comforter, or blanket with just a few swipes.

    2. A broom-squeegee combo that's ready to rake up all fur balls from your carpets, rugs, tiles, and hardwood floors.

    3. A Levoit air purifier to remove all pet hair and dander from the air the moment your pup even thinks about shedding.

    A clean filter and dirty filter side by side showing the air purifier's cleaning power

    4. An ingenious paw cleaning mechanism for the pup who dares to come into the house with muddy tootsies. Just fill the cleaner with warm water, put your doggo's paw in, and let the soft bristles take care of the dirt.

    A muddy paw shown before entering the paw plunger and then shown clean after being removed from the paw plunger

    5. A paw pad moisturizer because you're not the only one who needs a nice foot rub from time to time. Both beeswax and vitamin E work together in this formula to protect your pupper's paws from hot pavement, sand, snow, and salt.

    A dog's paw pad shown dry and cracked before the moisturizer and healed after the moisturizer

    6. A dental powder you can inconspicuously sprinkle in the doggo's kibble to keep their teeth clean and breath fresh between cleanings.

    7. An FDA-approved sunscreen spray for the outdoor-dwelling pupparino who needs a little extra UV-protection.

    A dog with severe sunburn on its nose before using the sunscreen and the nose looking healed after using the sunscreen

    8. A nail grooming and grinding tool that'll safely trim down your dog's clickety-clacks without much of a fuss from them.

    9. A Bissell SpotBot because the wizardry of this magical machine is known far and wide to spray, brush, and suction pet stains sans scrubbing.

    10. An enzymatic toothpaste to keep your doggo's pearly whites clean and plaque-free. And, if you're extremely opposed to the meat-flavored varieties, this guy comes in the much better smelling Vanilla Mint.

    11. A stain-and-odor removing spray for quickly exorcising the ungodly mess your floof kindly left on the carpet for you.

    12. An all-natural ear treatment so puppaccinos no longer have to suffer from ear infections, redness, and inflammation — no pre-cleaning required.

    A dog's ear inflamed before using the medication and healed after using the medication

    13. A gentle, nonirritating eye rinse that'll safely remove allergens, dirt, and other irritants while reducing the look of tear stains on your pup's fur.

    A dog with tear stains before the eye rinse and the same dog without tear stains after the eye rinse

    14. A handheld Bissell vacuum whose exact purpose in this world is to attract doggo floof off of stairs and upholstery. It's all about that rubber nozzle, baby.

    15. A doggie blow-dryer with a flexible hose and two heating settings to keep your pup floofltastic while sparing you the scent of wet dog.

    16. An all-natural vegan balm so your furry friend's sniffer stays moisturized and free of chaps or cracks.

    The dog's nose cracked and dry before using the product and smooth after using the product

    17. An extra sticky lint roller that'll be so attractive to your pet's fur, it'll break up with your favorite black pants.

    18. A grooming brush to snatch up to 95% of mats, tangles, and dead hair out of your doggo's coat before they even realize they're being brushed.

    A dog's coat before and after being brushed

    19. A wrinkle cream so puppers with adorable, squishy faces can have a water-repellent barrier to keep out moisture, fungus, and bacteria.

    20. An oral hygiene chew that works to rub off tartar and plaque build up while your doggo is munching away.

    A dog's teeth with tartar build up before eating the oral chews, and cleared of that build up after eating the oral chews

    21. A medicated dog shampoo formulated with oatmeal to heal irritated skin, while relieving parasitic, bacterial, or fungal infections.

    A dog with dander before using the shampoo and free of dander after using the shampoo

    22. A16-piece grooming kit so you can be the Jonathan Van Ness of the canine world.

    A dog before being groomed and after being groomed

    23. A Snuggle Puppy because your crate-training puppy can really use someone to spoon at night. Not only can this guy help with whining, barking, and stress, he's basically indestructible and will stick around until your pupper is a doggo.

    24. A pack of immune system supplements made with prebiotics, probiotics, and salmon oil to help your dog with seasonal allergies and skin irritation.

    25. A pair of gentle grooming gloves for shedding doggos who have solemnly sworn to make brushing time as difficult as possible.

    26. A low-noise electric pet shaver because some doggos have made the groomer public enemy number one, and now haircuts are your job. Easily rechargeable and equipped with a safe, stainless-steel blade, these clippers can help you resent that job less.

    27. An antifungal and antibacterial spray to get rid of skin infections caused by fungus, bacteria, or yeast, while relieving itching and hot spots with the combined power of aloe and vitamin E.

    Irritated hot spots on a dog before using the spray, and the dog looking healed and happy after using the spray

    28. A salmon oil food supplement so your doggo can get their Omega 3s in while building a healthy heart, skin, coat, and stronger immune system.

    29. A pack of stain removing pads you can stomp into your carpet and leave overnight for those seriously set in "presents" your lovely canine left you.

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