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    31 Things From Walmart That’ll Help Your Whole House Scream “Fall”

    Can you hear the crunchy leaves and smell the pumpkin spice?

    1. An ultra fuzzy sherpa throw blanket so you can start hibernation season early and become an autumnal burrito.

    The throw blanket in white draped over a couch

    2. A festive ceramic mixing bowl set by the Pioneer Woman so you can get started on all of your cozy, fall favorite meals.

    The mixing bowls stacked in size order to show how big each is

    3. A subtle, seasonal doormat that offers a warm greeting when guests come inside from the crisp, fall weather.

    The doormat

    4. A 16-piece Better Home & Gardens dinnerware set with a dark, speckled finish for diving into some pumpkin pie, indulging in some tasty soups, and cradling a mug of tea to keep your hands warm.

    The 16 piece dinner set displayed to show the size of each item

    5. A harvest wreath because your door is also very much into pumpkin spice season, and wants to celebrate the coziness in style.

    The wreath

    6. A lantern candle holder to decoratively display your PSL-scented candles in all their glory.

    The lantern in white holding a candle

    7. A Tasty nonstick Dutch oven for slowly stewing some of your favorite fall soups and chilis while savoring the smell for hours.

    The dutch oven in turquoise filled with chili to show its cooking functionality

    8. A Yankee Candle in the scent spiced pumpkin, because we all know this is the mother lode of fall candles, and denying it a spot on our mantle so we can regularly inhale fall's signature scent is cruel and unusual punishment.

    The Yankee Candle featured in multiple sizes on a fall dining table

    9. A pumpkin patch throw pillow to give you the thrill of picking out your favorite gourds, even if you can't make it out to the patch this year.

    The throw pillow placed on a couch

    10. A set of solar-powered lantern-style string lights for the nights when you want to sit outside, wrap yourself up in a blanket, and breathe in the smell of freshly fallen leaves.

    The string lights illuminated on a deck

    11. A electric space heater that'll keep your tootsies warm when the weather's still unpredictable and you're not quite ready to turn on the full heating.

    The space heater

    12. A set of four Halloween throw pillow covers, because fall is also spooky season, and if you don't have at least three festive pillows for every square inch of living space, you're doing it wrong.

    The pillow covers over pillows displayed on a couch to show their size and design

    13. A crisp fall leaves candle if you're *gasp* not down with the pumpkin and instead prefer something a little more earthy for your home.

    The candle

    14. A four-piece welcome sign with three interchangeable wreaths for each season so you can literally never NOT be festive.

    The sign displaying the fall wreath

    15. A rustic wooden tray so you can lavishly serve yourself apple pie while in bed and no one has to be the wiser.

    The wooden tray holding some books

    16. A colorful pie plate and baking dish set by the Pioneer Woman to make that aforementioned pie, and many fall-themed baked goods thereafter, that you can unabashedly eat from the warmth of your bed.

    The pie plate and baking dish displayed in a rustic kitchen

    17. An outdoor wood burning fire pit that'll make continued socialization outside a lot more warm and comfortable.

    The fire pit lit with the mesh screen on

    18. A fall leaves doormat that says nothing at all while still loudly proclaiming your excitement for the return of sweater weather.

    The doormat

    19. An Instant Pot Duo because sometimes you don't have all day to make your butternut squash soup, but that doesn't stop you from wanting it.

    The Instant Pot Duo preparing mac and cheese

    20. A harvest pumpkin centerpiece that just screams, "I've been waiting for October to start since the beginning of the summer."

    The harvest pumpkin decoration

    21. A shag area rug to dig your toes into and let the rest of your home know you're ready for the cooler weather.

    The shag area rug in white and gray

    22. A set of two willow window curtain panels by the Pioneer Woman because you're a true autumnal spirit, and you won't have anything in your home right now unless it's filled with orange, brown, purple, or yellow hues.

    The curtains hung on a small window

    23. A standing faux-floral arrangement to coyly say, "Oh, it's fall already? I hadn't noticed..."

    The floral arrangement featured on a table

    24. A white and brown woven pumpkin centerpiece, because you really can't overdo it on the pumpkin-themed décor this time of year.

    The woven pumpkin displayed on a mantle

    25. A crystal ball glass dispenser so your beverages can get in the spooky mood right along with you.

    The dispenser filled with a red drink

    26. A pair of checkered oven mitts to remind you of your favorite fall flannel while you bake up some cranberry scones and apple crumble.

    The oven mitts

    27. A set of six 15-ounce mugs in bright fall hues for sipping on warm ciders, teas, or whatever autumn beverage takes your fancy.

    The six colorful mugs on the rack

    28. A six-piece bakeware set because, and we can't stress this enough, if you are not baking as soon as the first leaf hits the ground then you're truly not doing fall right.

    The bakeware set

    29. A pair of soft corduroy velvet throw pillows in some seriously seasonal colors for those who want to suggest the feel of a pumpkin rather than have everything be flat out pumpkin-themed.

    The lumbar throw pillows in orange

    30. A seasonal sign that wishes everyone a fun, spirited autumn with a bit of a southern twist.

    The sign

    31. A floral shower curtain to take all the best color themes of autumn, and puts them right in your bathroom.

    The shower curtain hung in a bathroom

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