First Look: “Girls” Star Zosia Mamet Performing With Her New Band Chacha

    The actor-turned-singer performs her upcoming debut single, "Too Good."

    Girls star Zosia Mamet is set to make her musical debut in 2015, and BuzzFeed has exclusive footage of her new band Chacha — named after her childhood nickname — performing an impromptu gig at Manderley Bar at The McKittrick Hotel earlier this week.

    Zosia stopped by the home of New York City's immersive theatre show Sleep No More to do a gig with her new band, performing the single off her upcoming EP Lucy. Her debut single "Too Good" is about "a beloved human in my life, who's wonderful, better than I ever could have imagined. And when I found him, I wrote this song about him being perfect and me feeling like [I] wasn't good enough for him."

    Check out the performance below, and look out for her new single when it's officially released early next year.

    Jason Bergman for BuzzFeed