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Zachary Quinto, Rupert Friend, And Hannah Ware Play "Never Have I Ever"

The Hitman: Agent 47 cast get real about everything from celeb doppelgängers to secret tattoos.

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Rupert Friend stars as the elite assassin Agent 47 alongside Zachary Quinto and Hannah Ware in the new video game–based film Hitman: Agent 47. The three stars stopped by BuzzFeed NY to play a round of “Never Have I Ever,” in which we found out about Zachary Quinto's semi-regrettable tattoo and Rupert Friend's woes about being mistaken for Orlando Bloom. Here's what happened.

Rupert Friend: I want to!


Zachary Quinto: Sort of, but not really. Hannah still dreams of it.

Hannah Ware: Still hoping. I wanted to be one of those translators for politicians but then I’m secretly a spy! I had this whole thing.

RF: What language?

HW: All sorts of languages.


RF: [Guilty]

ZQ: Nooo. You have, [Rupert]?!

RF: Yeah!

HW: You’re so the type of person who would’ve.

ZQ: I would, but I just haven’t.

RF: Let’s do it together!

ZQ: I would do it! We should’ve done that tonight. We should’ve parachuted onto the red carpet.

RF: That would’ve been great.

There’s still time.

ZQ: Yeah, we can organize that right quick.


HW: I’ve been doing other things, but not playing video games.

ZQ: Yeah, all the time.

RF: Yeah, if you’re Zach Quinto you have to.

ZQ: Yeah.

RF: My code name is Zach Quinto. It doesn’t work if we’re all staying in the same hotel.

HW: I love your code name [Zach]. I won’t tell anyone. It will be very secret agent of me.


RF: I had someone chase me through Bangkok airport insisting that I was Orlando Bloom.

ZQ: Ohh, wow. That’s really funny.

RF: When I said that I wasn’t, they were like, "We knowww! We know."

ZQ: That’s really funny.

RF: And they were like, You have to sign this thing. And I was like, OK, fine, and I just did it.

ZQ: I’ve had people have full-on conversations about having met me, and like dinner, and talking all about this stuff and my work in Inglourious Basterds, because they fully thought that I was Eli Roth.

HW: Oh my god.

RF: No way!

ZQ: Yeah. Eli and I get that a lot, I know Eli. We commiserate over our mistaken identities.


ZQ: Artificial intelligence?

HW: No, I’m frightened.

ZQ: That’s not good. That’s not gonna end well for the human civilization.


RF: Ohh, that’s an interesting question.

ZQ: Suuure.

HW: Yeah.

HW: Oooh.

ZQ: You have?!

HW: I might’ve.

ZQ: You’ve had a drink thrown in your face?! What kind of rambunctious brawling gal are you?!

HW: From a boyfriend.

ZQ: But for a guy to throw a drink in your face? I can see you doing that to a guy, but for a guy to throw it in your face…

HW: I don’t think so, but some things are blurry… I mean, no physical abuse!


ZQ: It wasn’t Netflix, but, I did Transparent in one go. I LOVED it. Jeffrey Tambor is like, next level.

RF: I nearly did Bloodline. A few sections.

ZQ: I did Bloodline also!

HW: I’m gonna bring it down a level: The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

ZQ: Yeah, that was also really good. Good show.

HW: It’s really good. Really good.

HW: No, I’m too worried that they’ll see the boxes.

RF: I’m too proud of my cooking.

ZQ: Yeah, Rupert’s a foodie.

Everyone: Yeah!

HW: Top it off!

RF: That’s the only way to go.

ZQ: I have just a… I have a thing.

RF: What is it?

HW: I think it’s cool!

ZQ: It’s like a Celtic symbol, I got it done in gray ink when I was 21 — a long time ago.

RF: What’s it mean?

ZQ: It means the flowing continuity of life.

RF: Are you glad about it now?

ZQ: I’m sort of like neither here nor there. I could have it removed in like 10 minutes. It’s not like a big, elaborate thing. Would I do it again? Who knows...

ZQ: Like, seriously talked about ourselves in the third person?


: I’ve done it as a joke. But like straight up? No.

ZQ: I’ve driven cross-country five times.

RF: Like, in a row, you just went back and forth.

ZQ: Just back and forth, it took me three months. No, different times.

RF: Again, Miss Ware. Absolutely, first and foremost.

Hitman: Agent 47 is in theaters everywhere Friday, Aug. 21.