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    I Just Discovered You Can Pre-Order Seamless To Be Delivered For Your Morning Hangover

    The room service of the future.

    If you're like me (and nearly every other human in New York City) you probably use Seamless for approximately 76% of your meals.

    And while it's actually life changing, you still have to wait 40 minutes to an hour for your meal to be delivered. So when you're on a serious time crunch, or just hangry as hell, you're sometimes forced to just eat the stale cereal in your pantry.

    But while I was sitting on my couch at 1:47 a.m. Saturday morning thinking to myself, damn, a bagel with scallion cream cheese would be really good when I wake up, I wondered if there was a way to pre-order my delivery so I could magically awaken to delicious hangover breakfast goods?

    And guess what, THERE IS.

    I opened up the app, clicked to change the delivery time, and noticed you can actually schedule food to be delivered up to four days in advance.

    Am I the last person to notice this?

    But would my 1:47 a.m. delivery order actually work so last minute and show up on my doorstep at 9 a.m.??? Yes, and in fact, it actually showed up like room service straight to my door at 8:44 a.m.

    And now you know (or maybe you already knew and I'm the last person to figure this out): you, too, can preorder a bagel, egg, and cheese to your doorstep the night before.