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What Is Olivia Pope's Most Badass Quote On "Scandal"?

"It's handled."

After a long, brutal hiatus, Gladiators can finally rejoice — Scandal is back. Which mostly means we get to see queen Livvie kick ass once again.

Nearly every line that leaves her lips is inspiring enough to make you also want to go run a country — because Olivia encourages you to believe, gives you hope, makes you feel strong.

  1. So, which Olivia Pope quote do *you* think is the most badass?

    (Besides all of them.)

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So, which Olivia Pope quote do *you* think is the most badass?
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    "I am many things, stupid is not one of them."
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    "You do NOT summon me!"
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    "I am not the girl the guy gets at the end of the movie. I am not a fantasy. If you want me, earn me."
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    "It's handled."
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    "I am very good at what I do. I am better at it than anyone else. And that is not arrogance, that is a fact."
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    "If it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work, but you have to try, because if you try, if you leap and you try, and it doesn’t work out, it’s not on you."
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    "I'm choosing me. I'm choosing Olivia. And right now, Olivia is dancing. Now, you can dance with me or you can get off my dance floor. I'm fine dancing alone."
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    "Normal is overrated."
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    "Who I am or am not screwing, what I am or am not doing, is no longer any of your damn business."
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    "I don’t want normal, and easy, and simple. I want painful, difficult, devastating, life-changing, extraordinary love."

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