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Watch Anna Kendrick Kill It While Singing A Chance The Rapper Song

She can sing and she has great taste in music.

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We've already established that Anna Kendrick is queen of Twitter, a kick-ass actress, and can play the hell out of some ~cups~.

She also has some stellar vocal chops, which she's showed off in a few of her recent films — most importantly, in the life-changing Pitch Perfect franchise.

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Including this delightful music video for "Cups."

But recently, she also proved she has impeccable music taste. In an interview with ABC's Peter Travers, Kendrick was asked to sing a few lines from a song — any song.

And she went with an A+ choice: the kick-ass track "Sunday Candy," on Chance the Rapper and Donnie Trumpet and the Social Experiment's album Surf — in which she sang a few lines performed by the incredibly talented Jamila Woods.

Naturally, it's a very magical and beautiful 20 seconds. Listen to Kendrick belt it out in the clip below:

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🎶 🙌 🔥

h/t: MTV News

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