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    Uh, Ed Westwick Still Doesn't Know Who Gossip Girl Is

    I'm sorry, WHAT.

    It's officially been 10 years since Manhattan's elite blissfully came into our lives with Gossip Girl. And in celebration of the iconic series, Vanity Fair sat down with the cast and crew for some behind-the-scenes secrets.

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    The profile revealed a lot of juicy Gossip Girl-worthy information, but there was just one tiny detail that I couldn't let go of.

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    While mentioning the controversial Gossip Girl reveal in the series finale, we learn that Ed Westwick, aka Chuck Bass, must have been napping throughout the season finale table read, filming, and possibly the entire past decade, because HE STILL DOESN'T KNOW WHO GOSSIP GIRL IS.

    Someone should let Ed Westwick know about the Dan reveal, though. The actor e-mailed me, in response to a question about favorite plotlines or memories from filming: “I still am not sure who GG was lol.

    I'm sorry... W H A T?!!!

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    Attention @EdWestwick: I know you're probably like, really busy. But for the sake of history I'm gonna need you to plop down on your couch and pull up Netflix and watch that finale asap.

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    Read more of the Vanity Fair profile here.

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