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18 Things We'll All Miss About Zayn Malik

Life as we know it will never be the same.

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1. The most beautiful and magical immaculate curl.

2. Every time he looked like an angel appearing straight from heaven.

3. Not being able to rock our 0/5 shirts anymore.

Oh hell nah I fucking just ordered a damn 0/5 shirt online and now I gotta cancel it

4. Every single glorious 5/5 group shot.

5. Every time he rocked a flawless man bun and the beard of our dreams.

#22ReasonsToLoveZaynMalik his face is real.

6. Every single life-altering high note that Zayn was born to sing.

7. Being constantly reminded of Aladdin.


8. These lip-biting close-ups that made you believe in a higher power.

Reason 2: OMG, still can't get over that lip bite #22ReasonsToLoveZaynMalik

9. Getting weak in the knees from his hella hot straining neck veins.

HIS STRAINING NECK VEINS. WHAT IS AIR. #22ReasonsWhyWeLoveZayn #22ReasonsToLoveZaynMalik

10. The constant views of his jawline that is the actual definition of perfection.

#22ReasonsToLoveZaynMalik you could slice a tomato on his jawline

11. Being blessed with him looking hella sexy in all black.

12. Being graced by his angelic being in music videos.

13. This sweet, precious wave that reached all the way into your soul.

14. Every charming little happy dance on stage.

15. When he stared straight into your soul and it was like everything in the world was right again.

16. Every time he blessed us with a flawless selfie.

17. His picture perfect super man poses on stage:

18. And the way he looked on stage in the rain, a soaking wet vision of perfection.

You'll be in our hearts forever, Zayn. We'll miss you.


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