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38 Best And Worst Celebrity Halloween Costumes

Get some costume inspiration (or learn what not to do this Halloween).

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In order from best to what-the-hell-were-you-thinking:

1. Neil Patrick Harris as Frankenstein

Have a spooktacular night! Here's our family Halloween pic (via @projectphotoboo): Well done, @DavidBurtka!

Neil Patrick Harris@ActuallyNPHFollow

Have a spooktacular night! Here's our family Halloween pic (via @projectphotoboo):
Well done, @DavidBurtka!

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Level of creativity: 10
Level of difficulty: 9.8
Overall score: 10+ !!!


3. Ellen DeGeneres as Nicki Minaj

Level of creativity: 9.4
Level of difficulty: 8.3
Overall score: 9.2

4. Josh Duhamel and Fergie as skeletons

Level of creativity: 8.3
Level of difficulty: 9.5
Overall score: 9


8. Miley Cyrus as Lil' Kim

Level of creativity: 7.2
Level of difficulty: 8.4
Overall score: 8

11. Chris Colfer as R2D2

Level of creativity: 7.8
Level of difficulty: 7.3
Overall score: 7.6


12. Vanessa Hudgens as a vampire

Level of creativity: 6.1
Level of difficulty: 7.5
Overall score: 7.4

13. Nicole Richie as Danny DeVito from Twins

Level of creativity: 8.2
Level of difficulty: 6.5
Overall score: 7.3

15. Ashley Tisdale as a zombie

Level of creativity: 6.3
Level of difficulty: 7.2
Overall score: 6.7


17. Paris Hilton as Miley Cyrus

Level of creativity: 3.4
Level of difficulty: 7.9
Overall score: 6.5

18. Naya Rivera as Carmen Sandiego

Level of creativity: 6.4
Level of difficulty: 6.7
Overall score: 6.5

19. Beyonce as an angel

But she actually is an angel so this really isn't a costume??

Level of creativity: 4.3
Level of difficulty: 5.2
Overall score: 6.4 (extra points because Beyonce)

20. Elle Fanning as Marilyn Monroe

Getty Images Ana Elisa Fuentes

Baby Elle in 2004!

Level of creativity: 4.5
Level of difficulty: 5.9
Overall score: 6.3 (extra points for cuteness)


25. Lucy Hale as the "rare jagicorn"

Level of creativity: 8.3
Level of difficulty: 3.4
Overall score: 6

27. Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady as Dorothy and the lion

Level of creativity: 5.9
Level of difficulty: 6.1
Overall score: 6

29. Rumer Willis as a sailor

Level of creativity: 6.2
Level of difficulty: 4.5
Overall score: 5.7

31. Britney Spears as Snow White

Level of creativity: 5.6
Level of difficulty: 5.2
Overall score: 5.4

35. Lea Michele as a german beer girl

Level of creativity: 4.2

Level of difficulty: 5

Overall score: 4.8

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