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    Posted on Jul 22, 2016

    19 Pictures That Are Too Damn Real For Figure Skaters

    "If I had a dollar for every time I popped a jump."

    1. When you think things are going well and then all of a sudden your legs decide to not cooperate.

    2. When you're trying to get hype and energetic during practice and then someone leaves the rink in complete silence.

    3. When you try to walk/breathe/move after conditioning.

    4. When you're slaying your program and all of a sudden the music stops.

    5. When you know you're about to have a bruise the size of your head.

    6. When people ignore basic rules.

    7. When navigating around traffic is more difficult than driving on the highway.

    8. When you fall on an easy skill that actually hurts like hell.

    9. When you hear the clink of your blades and know what's coming.

    10. When you're at the corner of the rink trying gigantic sign language.

    11. When you get a snazzy, brand new dress and it's like Christmas morning all over again.

    12. When it's time for dreaded new skates and you know you're about to have blisters for weeks.

    13. When you start a new skill and bring out the butt pads.

    14. When you know you gotta sleep but you're wide awake in a giant ball of nerves and anticipation.

    15. When people aren't paying attention and mess up your jumping pass over and over and over again.

    16. When it's literally Antarctica.

    17. When the rink is all yours and you've never felt happier or more blessed in your life.

    18. When you nearly collapse after running all your programs.

    19. And when you skate past and dodge a pool of blood.

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