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29 Times One Direction Were Just Straight Up Trolling Us

Oh boys, we see you.

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1. When Harry and Liam got playful:

2. When Harry shouted out to his flowing long locks:

3. When they coordinated their fine dance moves:

4. When Niall & Liam showed off their love:

Oooo I'm such a Niall girl OHH MYFFF GOWDDD IM CRUIYING #BeAFanDay


Oooo I'm such a Niall girl OHH MYFFF GOWDDD IM CRUIYING #BeAFanDay

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6. When Liam got sassy:

8. When Niall faked out the audience:


9. When Harry got in his mums car:

*Broom Broom*

10. When Harry stopped to tie Niall's shoe:

11. When Louis messed around with the security guard:

12. When Harry raised his voice:


14. When Harry had a bit of a mic problem:

16. When Harry did a beautiful quick workout:

17. When Liam got down with a hand puppet:

18. When Harry got romantic with a fan:

19. When Harry did whatever the heck this is:

20. When Niall added some sassy balloon accessories:

23. When Harry tried to eat Liam's face:

24. When Liam wished Niall a very happy birthday: