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    Nicole Kidman Had Jude Law "Check In" On Jimmy Fallon After That Date Fiasco

    Poor Jimmy.

    We all know about the awkward Kidman/Fallon date heard round the world — the fateful night many years ago when Nicole Kidman wanted to "hangout" with Jimmy Fallon because she was into him, and he had no idea that they were on a date.

    NBC / BuzzFeed

    Fallon was clearly embarrassed as hell about the whole revelation.

    As we all would be.

    So when Jude Law stopped by The Tonight Show last night, she had him pass along a message for her:

    Just to make sure he's doing alright after that traumatic situation:

    And while Fallon confirms his embarrassment over the whole thing, Jude Law puts things in perspective:

    Ah, ~memories~.

    Watch the whole hilarious chat in the video below:

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