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Nicole Kidman Calls Out Jimmy Fallon Once Again For Never Asking Her Out

And you thought this story couldn't get anymore awkward.

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Remember that time Nicole Kidman went on The Tonight Show and revealed that Jimmy Fallon once had the chance to ask her out on a date and totally blew it?!

She came over to "hang out" and he just ignored her to play video games and never asked for her number.

It was...tragic.

But the story doesn't end there. Nicole came on the show last night to awkwardly chat about their last dating fiasco, and then swiftly reminded Jimmy that it wasn't the only time he screwed up. Oh no, there was *another* encounter.

She explained that her agent mentioned he would be at their mutual friend's house for dinner and might ask for her number, so she ~casually~ waited around him in the kitchen hoping he would make a move...

...EXCEPT HE NEVER MADE A MOVE. And once again, Jimmy was confused as hell.


The greatest non-love story of our time, tbh. Watch it all in the video below:

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