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This NYC Restaurant Created The Most Insane Milkshakes You'll Ever Eat

It's time to treat yourself — you deserve it.

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If you've ever needed an excuse to come to New York City, the time is now. Milkshake connoisseurs around the world can rejoice because these hella insane creations have popped up at Black Tap, and they're incredible.

Instagram: @clairefrajnd

After seeing these heavenly jars of perfection all over Instagram, I decided to trek to the magical milkshake creators at Black Tap to try them out for myself.

Instagram: @kristinshayharris

I'm a lover of sugar, sugar, and more sugar; they did not disappoint.

The menu of flavors seems to occasionally rotate — when I stopped by the Sweet N' Salty, Cookie, and Cotton Candy flavors were available — but all of their masterpieces have been documented on Instagram.


There's this unicorn pile of fluffy goodness:

Instagram: @pickypalate

This beautiful, flawless new alternative to a birthday cake:

Instagram: @pickypalate



This dessert dream for salty & sweet lovers everywhere:

Instagram: @whyworkshop