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"Neighbors 2" Stars Ike Barinholtz And Carla Gallo Find Out How Well They Know Each Other

The on-screen couple takes on The Newlywed Game.

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In their latest movie Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising, the funny-as-hell duo Ike Barinholtz and Carla Gallo play a hilarious couple (Jimmy and Paula) who manage to find themselves in situations FAR from normal. With a baby on the way, the two work together to try and help their best friends defeat an unruly sorority living next door. But how well does the on-screen couple know each other IRL? We sat down with the stars on set and put them to the test with BuzzFeed's Newlywed Game. Here's what went down.


What would Carla say is the craziest thing that happened while filming Neighbors 2 so far?


IB: She has a 3-way with Efron + a mirror.

CG: Ike hooking up with Seth and Zac after the wrap party.

IB: We both had a threesome answer.

CG: Actually, here's the thing, we're terrible at counting. It was a foursome — you were there, I was there, I forgot I was there.

IB: It was a pretty good wrap party. And we were all home by 9.

CG: Yeah, that's what was nice about it.


What’s Carla's favorite thing to snack on at craft services?


IB: Background dick.

CG: Zac, Seth, and Ike's balls.

IB: We are like, on the same page.

CB: You and I, it's like, we're the same person.

What would Ike's high school superlative have been?


IB: Most likely to have penis reduction surgery.

CG: Smallest asshole (like the actual hole).

IB: That is true. I didn't take a dump until I was 19. Isn't this nice, we're on Neighbors 2 and not like, The Princess Diaries 4?

CB: Yeah,there's a reason we're not in that.

IB: Yeah I was up for it, they passed.