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Khloe Kardashian's Candid Advice Will Give You Life

"I hate when people say, 'Are you tired?' Like, suck my dick. That’s so rude."

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Jon Premosch / Andrew Richard / BuzzFeed

Khloé Kardashian and her friend Emma Grede teamed up to create the new body-inclusive denim line Good American, which is designed for bodies of all shapes and sizes. The duo recently stopped by to help us test-drive some of their jeans, and because Kween Khloe knows all, we also had them dish out some very ~candid~ advice to BuzzFeed staffers. Here's what we learned.

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"I sometimes receive negative messages on social media regarding body image. What do you do to escape from cyberbullying or boost your confidence?"

Emma Grede: That’s a Khloé question!

Khloé Kardashian: I feel like no matter what, you’re always gonna hear some form of criticism and naysayers. I think nowadays with social media it’s way more intense — I really love the whole blocking thing on Instagram these days, and I am using it every second. I love it. And I also report abuse all the time, because it really is horrible! It’s really uncool. But I feel like you just learn to get a thicker skin and you can’t worry about that stuff. I love to take social media breaks. Like I’ll post things and try not to read the comments, ’cause if I was posting something about me — I posted something with me raising money for cancer awareness and I got reamed for it. So it’s like, no matter what I do, you’re gonna have haters. So just know that that’s the way of the world. And just love yourself!


"What’s your preferred method of clapping back? Any tips on how to do so gracefully?"

EG: What is clapping back? Is that an American—

KK: Clapping back is like what you do to shut people up. Like, I just think the best form of revenge is a good body, so like, fuck everyone.

EG: Oh, right, I see!

KK: Yeah, just look good—

EG: Just look amazing!

KK: Yes!

"What would you say is the best way to relax when you’re literally THIS close to throwing in the towel?"

KK: God, just like, take some shots and figure it out. We’re all about to throw in the towel, I feel like. That’s life! And take a fucking bubble bath after that.

"What’s the best way to keep a new relationship low-key without seeming shady?"

KK: Why are we keeping them low-key? ’Cause you are shady!

EG: If you’re shady, you’re shady. I’m an all-in person.

KK: Honestly if you’re not all-in, I just feel like you just don’t care.

EG: Why bother?

KK: Because I’ve been in relationships I wasn’t all in, and I was like, “I’m just trying to be discreet.” And I’m really like, I actually didn’t like you.

EG: Yeah, stop being so shady.

KK: So I was fucking shady. So that’s my theory.

EG: If you’re gonna be shady, just own it.


"I’m a total slob and overwhelmed at where to start. Do you have any suggestions on how to start being more organized?"

KK: I think the easiest way to be more organized — I tell my friends do everything by color, because not everyone knows how to fold the right way. I mean, I think whatever you do is fine — but I just tell people to organize things by color and things will just automatically look, I think, more uniform.

"How do you regain the strength to open yourself up to another relationship and allow yourself to be vulnerable after going through a painful breakup?"

KK: I try to not bring baggage from past — I really think I’m great at having closure, I’m living in the present, I can’t dwell on the past. And if I do, I’m not ready to be in a new relationship. So I try to really know that I’m healed, and then, ’cause it’s not fair, it’s not fair to yourself, or to the person you’re dating.

"What’s an appropriate response to someone who asks, 'Are you tired, because you’re looking a little tired.'"

KK: Fuck. You. Bitch. [laughs]

EG: I’m tired of you. Like, fuck off.

KK: Right. I hate when people say “Are you tired?” Like, suck my dick. That’s so rude. That really is.

EG: JUST say that part.

KK: Suck my dick.


"If someone wants to share an appetizer, do I have to say yes, or can I feel OK about having my own appetizer?"

EG: Are you a food sharer?

KK: I am a food sharer!

EG: Me too, I’m very share-y. In fact, I like multiple appetizers.

KK: Oh my god, I would rather order like 12 things and just have a bite of everything. And more is better than less. I don’t want to be hungry — I love food. So don’t fuck with my food! But I’ll share with you, but we’re all gonna dig in.

EG: Yeah.

"I can’t dance for the life of me. How can I still have fun on the dance floor without embarrassing myself?"

KK: You just YOLO. You only live once, you can’t worry about it. We all look like idiots.

EG: I’m a great dancer.

KK: That move was great. What your move was, was awesome. Have you ever seen Seinfeld — you just gotta be Elaine and don’t care. Like, you can’t care!

EG: Oh, I love Elaine!

KK: You can’t care! Balls to the walls.


"I want to make new friends in my late twenties but worried that someone will be like, 'Uhh, why doesn't that girl already have friends?' I do have friends, I just want to form other friendships and relationships. Any advice?"

EG: I have no advice, I haven’t made any new friends since I was like 16.

KK: Me neither! I’m like a grouch. That’s why the twins, my best friends since I was 15, are in the room. I’m like, who has time to form new friendships?

EG: No you don’t — there is no time.

KK: No, we’re fuckin’ mean over here. I don’t know, never a good thing to make new friends.

"I really want a dog. I don't really have the money, but I'm desperate for a dog best friend. Should I get one?"

KK: Well you don’t have the money. I mean you could rescue one, take one off the streets. I mean, you can find a fucking dog.

EG: Isn’t that just mean to the dog?

KK: Right. Can you feed the dog?

EG: Is this the same person that asked the last question? I feel like I need to go and speak to that person.

KK: Right, if you can’t make friends in your twenties I don’t think you should have a dog best frined, because that’s weird. Like you might really just become a hermit and never leave your house.

EG: We’d like to give this person a lot of hugs.

KK: Yeah, where is this person? We want to hug you. We’ll be your friends.

"With all of the daily distractions of life, how do you keep up with your workout plan?"

EG: I don’t.

KK: I do. She has kids, I don’t have kids. I feel like people with kids get an excuse. There’s 24 hours in the day, I gotta do it and figure it out. But like, the last week I’ve been pretty bad. But I chose a nightclub over the gym, and I’m kinda still doing cardio dancing. So, you know?

EG: Yep, good.

KK: See, I made myself feel not so guilty.


"Where should I get my kitchen organization products? And any tips for making a cute kitchen?"

KK: What the fuck. Um, well, I’m a big fan of The Container Store. I don’t know — Williams-Sonoma, Crate and Barrel.

EG: if you’re in the UK, for anyone that cares.

KK: I don’t know what that means, but okay. [laughs]

"I've been called independent my whole life, which I appreciate, but now at 27, I'm single. Is there such a thing as being too independent?"

EG: Yes…

KK: Yes, I agree.

EG: You could be less independent, for sure.

KK: Yeah, definitely. Be less independent and you’ll get more men. [laughs]

"I don't drink and I live a very healthy lifestyle, which makes dating in New York nearly impossible. Any advice or tips on how to tackle a first date with these barriers?"

EG: I’m married, so, um...

KK: Oh, god. Well, I don’t live in New York — I would not know what to do. I mean, dating apps these days? I don’t know.

EG: Drink more?

KK: She doesn't drink! That’s the problem.

EG: Well maybe that’s the problem — she should drink more!

KK: Start drinking.


"How do I know when to go blonde?"

KK: I mean, it’s like a personal choice — I don’t know! Are you, like, required to go blonde in your lifetime?

EG: Someone told me you should once be a blonde, one time in your life.

KK: Oh really. Oh, wow. Have you been blonde?

EG: No.

KK: Oh, honey. You’re running out of time then, jeez. I feel like when you go gray it’s kinda like a form of blonde? It’s too much work to be blonde, honestly. Doing it like this all the time is ridiculous.

Khloé and Emma's new denim collection Good American is now available at Nordstrom and

Jon Premosch / BuzzFeed