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Justin Bieber Finally Got The Prom Experience He Always Wanted

Finally getting that quintessential life experience he yearned for.

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Justin Bieber has the ability to pretty much do anything and everything he wants. But there's one important life milestone the 21-year-old never got to experience: prom.

A moment of silence, please.
Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

A moment of silence, please.

Based on my own experiences, you weren't missing out on much, Biebs. But regardless, his wish was finally granted as he crashed a real life high school prom this weekend in Chatsworth, California.

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

He can finally cross ~dance awkwardly at prom~ off his bucket list after he spontaneously showed up at Chatsworth Charter High School's prom this weekend.

No other prom will ever be as turnt as #ChatsworthProm2k15 !! Did @justinbieber go to your prom ??

And obviously, the students were really damn excited about it.


Because did Justin Bieber dance with *you* at your prom????

I DANCED WITH @justinbieber AT MY PROM 😻😭

It was a truly a fairy tale ending for all.

@CCHSRoyals always wanted to go to prom. Thanks for having me. #promcrasher :)


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