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    17 Reasons You Should Be Following Jamie Campbell Bower On Twitter

    He might be a talented actor, but he's also a truly underrated Twitter king.

    1. He bows down to the Queen.

    2. He recognizes life's greatest treasure.

    3. He understands your early morning struggles.

    4. He has a strong, deep love for avocados (as everyone should).

    I'm going to compose a love song to Avocados x

    5. He understands the true unfortunate struggles of dealing with a snorer.

    It's not that your snoring annoys me... It's just YOU SOUND LIKE YOU MIGHT BE DYING x

    6. He knows what a ~fun night in~ looks like.

    7. He knows that sleep > everything.

    8. He's hip with the times.

    9. He knows the value of a good ham (and Shaq).

    10. He's knows the best way to spend his time.

    Hobbies include Sleeping, being grumpy and general foods x

    11. He's pretty stellar at making puns.

    12. He knows the only reason to attend parties.

    13. He has his priorities in order.

    Southwest Trains why do you play with my heart so? Give me the wifis sos I cans watch da vines x

    14. He's willing to take a risk.

    Six bottles of £3.99 cava from Lidl will either be my crowning moment of glory or my biggest fuck up of 2014. Time will tell. X

    15. He appreciates a good Tumblr burn.

    16. He shares cute fuzzy animal pics.

    17. He's anti selfie-stick (like any respectable person should be).

    The things I would do to the man that invented that selfie stick thing. X

    Keep doin' you, Jamie.