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    14 "A Walk To Remember" Moments That Made You Fall On The Floor Sobbing

    In honor of its 15th (!!!) anniversary.

    Once upon a time, we were all gifted with the make-you-fall-on-the-floor-sobbing Nicholas Sparks classic known as A Walk To Remember.

    Not only did it give us more of the incredibly talented Mandy Moore (and her goosebump-inducing singing voice)... also brought the beauty of Shane West into our lives.

    And in honor of its 15th anniversary, Mandy Moore, Shane West, and fans are sharing their favorite scenes from the film. So sit down, grab some tissues, play "Only Hope" on repeat, and join me on this emotional journey.

    In honor of the 15th anniversary of A Walk To Remember, let's take a walk down memory lane...❤ What are your favori…

    1. When that "character" kiss turned out to be a real AF kiss and everyone in the audience gasped:

    @TheMandyMoore my fav scene is when she sing (i love this song) and he kiss her for the first time aaa😻

    2. When Jamie was like, "better not fall in love with me." And Landon was like, "LOL, no problem..."

    @TheMandyMoore @wbpictures @shanewest this one is good 🙌🏼


    @TheMandyMoore @wbpictures @shanewest 😭😭😭😭

    4. When Jamie was forced to confront her ~true feelings~:

    5. When he crossed off each impossible thing on her bucket list and your heart felt like it was gonna implode:

    @TheMandyMoore and when he realized her wishes, i cried so muuuuch

    6. When this very precious, very sweet moment happened and gave us all goosebumps:

    @TheMandyMoore @wbpictures @shanewest too many fave scenes.but I think this is one of my faves.

    7. This adorable, hella cute date moment:

    8. When he went in for the kiss and this heart-melting little exchange happened:

    @TheMandyMoore @wbpictures @shanewest 'I might kiss you' 'I might be bad at it' 'That's not possible' Me:

    9. When she was basically humiliated by bullies and Landon was like, HELL NO:

    @TheMandyMoore @wbpictures @shanewest ❤️❤️❤️

    10. When Landon lost it with his dad, so then you also lost it:

    @TheMandyMoore @wbpictures @shanewest This is what still breaks me every time!

    11. When they finally got the chance to marry one another:

    @TheMandyMoore @wbpictures @shanewest the wedding scene ❤ I love this movie so much

    12. When Jamie's dad made him realize that their love was her miracle:

    @TheMandyMoore @wbpictures @shanewest 😭

    13. These 20 seconds that shattered your heart into approximately 8 billion pieces:


    @TheMandyMoore @wbpictures @shanewest This scene, OW MY GHAD, MAH HEART MAH SOUL.

    *Sobs forever*

    Thank you, Shane and Mandy, for this emotional masterpiece.