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    21 Iconic Gossip Girl Quotes That'll Make You Wish It Were 2007

    "I don't need friends, I need more champagne."

    1. When Blair and Chuck made your heart break and shatter.

    2. When Blair shared the secret to Queen Bee status.

    3. When Chuck was actually romantic.

    4. When Blair owned who she was...

    The CW

    5. ...and demanded the truth.

    6. When Serena had the most ideal Saturday night plans.

    7. When Blair faced her truth.

    8. When Georgina was all of us at a party.

    9. When Blair was a badass bitch...

    10. ...who didn't need anyone.

    11. When Serena put her damn foot down.

    12. When Blair checked her priorities...

    13. ...and came up with genius plans.

    14. When Chuck spoke the truth.

    15. When Blair really *owned* who she was.

    The CW

    16. When Serena was real AF.

    The CW

    17. When Blair had some ~thoughts~ about bloggers.

    The CW

    18. When Serena was inspired.

    The CW

    19. When Blair was hella in love...

    The CW

    20. ...and determined AF.

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    21. And when Dan secretly revealed his shady truth.

    The CW

    XOXO, we miss ya, Gossip Girl.

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