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    20 Perfect Presents For Taylor Swift's 25th Birthday

    ~She's feelin' 25~

    1. A GPS so she can find her way out of the woods.

    You'll never have to worry about finding the clear ever again! 🌲

    2. A leash for her cat so it doesn't run away on the streets of NYC.


    3. A cross-stitch of "no its becky."

    Thinkstock Geo-grafika

    So every time she comes home she can be reminded of her Tumblr BFFs.

    4. A really nice ballpoint pen so she can write in all those blank spaces.

    Thinkstock geargodz

    5. A shirt that says "A Lot Going On At The Moment."

    Because at the new age of 25 she is very busy running the world.

    6. A few more sticks of Nars lipstick to keep up that red lip classic thing that you like.

    7. For the media to stop 'shipping her with every single human she hangs out with.

    (Her own birthday request.)

    8. A new car since she smashed this one in the "Blank Space" music video.


    9. An entire closet exclusively containing crop tops.

    Raymond Hall / GC Images
    Mandatory Byline: Diane Cohen/FAMEFLYNET PICTURES Mandatory Byline: Diane Cohen/FA

    For all the midriff-baring you could ever want to do.

    10. Some ~cool~ and fun Polaroid film to mix up her collection.

    11. A Shake Weight so she can continue shaking it off.


    12. A cute antique/vintage shelf that can fit approximately 18 trophies for when 1989 slays every awards show next year.

    13. A new custom purse designed to fit perfectly in the crook of her elbow.



    14. A bracelet that says "Swifties Love Taylor."

    Just like the one she gave her fan Kara, in case *she* ever needs to be reminded. πŸ‘―

    15. Kitten mittens so Meredith & Olivia can stay warm on their winter walks.

    16. An Urban Dictionary book featuring all the "freshest street slang, defined."

    So she can keep up with her #baes on Tumblr.

    17. Giant Band-Aids that can temporarily fix bullet holes.

    18. A physical copy of her 1989 album for when she's having trouble figuring out the whole iTunes thing.

    19. A fox cape.

    Because she asked for one, and you get the queen what she wants, OK?

    20. Some Barefoot Contessa cookbooks so she can keep slaying it in the kitchen like her idol.

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