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19 GIFs That Perfectly Sum Up The Realities Of Dating

Featuring Undateable star Bridgit Mendler.

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The unfortunate experience known as "dating" is pretty much one giant, life-sucking struggle. And the cast of NBC's Undateable knows that all too well.

This season, former Disney Channel star Bridgit Mendler joins the oddball group, and she stopped by BuzzFeed NY to help illustrate all of those sometimes-exhilarating, always-frustrating dating experiences. Here's what went down.

When you’re on Tinder and you accidentally swipe left on someone cute.

When you’re on a date and they order an expensive bottle of wine and then ask to split the check.


When you’re stalking your date on Instagram and you accidentally double tap their picture.

When you wake up after a night out and realized you drunk-texted your ex.


When the person you’re dating responds to your text nine hours later saying sorry, they were “busy.”

When someone actually tries to use the pickup line, “Did it hurt? When you fell from heaven?”


When your crush hasn’t replied for a while so you’re trying to sleep and then you hear your phone vibrate.

When your crush starts talking to you about their crush.


When your crush invites you to see their band, but then they completely suck and you have to pretend like you love it.

When your crush sends a flirty text but then immediately replies, “Sorry, meant to send that to someone else!”

When you’re out with friends, and you see the person you’re dating on a date with someone else.

When your crush sends you an emoji that makes zero sense.

When your crush faves your tweet.

When you see that your crush opened your Snapchat and didn’t respond.

When you meet someone from a dating app in real life for the first time and they look NOTHING like their pictures.

When you swipe right on your dream babe and it’s a match.

When you’re dating two people at once and accidentally text the wrong one.

When you're on a date and someone asks if you two are brother and sister.

When someone’s dating app picture is them wearing a fedora.

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