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    An Ode To Disney World's Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Bar

    The greatest bit of chocolate and ice cream on a stick that will ever exist.

    There are plenty of magical things about Disney World — there are incredible rides, Mickey Mouse, and Cinderella's Castle, to name a few.

    But if you're anything like me, you know a day at Disney is not actually a real day unless you've gotten your hands on a Mickey Ice Cream Bar.

    and suddenly, there was nothing else. just me, my thoughts, and my nestle™ mickey ice cream bar

    The life-changing chocolate-covered ice cream shaped like a mouse — the most pure form of happiness.

    would actually give anything for a Mickey premium ice cream bar right about now😍😋

    Sure, there are tons of insanely delicious treats at Disney — there's the iconic Dole Whip, churro, or Rice Krispie treat — but when faced between the choices, you, like Chris Evans, know what the real winner is.

    You understand the true importance of the snack enough to purchase this shirt.

    This incredible cell phone case.

    Or this life-changing candle.

    You fully understand and believe this truth.

    You pray upon the Costco & Disney gods daily.

    Why can't they just sell 40 pks of those Mickey Mouse ice cream bars at Costco or something.....

    And you know the real definition of a "good day" = one in which you've had your beloved ice cream on a stick.

    If we're all being honest with ourselves, it's really the only reason we go to Disney in the first place.

    But mostly, you understand the deep sense of sadness when the few blissful minutes (or seconds, I'm not judging) with the iconic dessert are over.

    Or the gut-wrenching despair of this tragedy.

    Yep, that is how I would feel if I dropped my delicious chocolate coated vanilla Mickey Ice cream bar.

    So thank you, Mickey Ice Cream bar. For lighting up our eyes, our hearts, and our stomachs with pure joy.

    I'd rather be eating a Mickey Ice Cream Bar on Main Street, U.S.A.

    We are truly not worthy.

    What is your favorite chocolate treat in #Disney? Maybe a Mickey Premium #IceCream bar? #NationalChocolateDay