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For Everyone That Fell In Love With Niall Horan In 2015

Bless you, Niall's glasses.

For Directioners around the globe, it's been five glorious years of being 1D AF.

And by now you've probably already dedicated your love and passion to one particular member of the group.

But there was an awakening this year — a renaissance, if you will.

One day you woke up and realized you had a newfound love and appreciation for Niall James Horan. Here are just a few of the many times we all had a ~Niallarevelation~ in 2015.

When he started rocking a pair of glasses looking like the hottest skinny-tie-wearing Irish poet you've ever laid eyes upon.

When he looked fly AF in this astronaut suit.

When he showed off his sweet love for his momma.

When any slight move or gesture of his glasses made you lose your damn mind.

When his perfect blonde hair stood tall and strong, making your insides weak.

When he accidentally fell on the golf course and it was the most endearing moment you've ever witnessed.

"@SkySportsWomen: To be fair to him...who wouldn't fall for Kirsty Gallacher?😂(Niall Horan falling on his arse) "

When his beautiful glasses-adorned eyes looked straight into your soul and you began to weep.

When he showed up on the new album looking like 🔥 🔥.

So you ran to Target and bought 15 Nialls.

@NiallOfficial #mitam #NiallHoran #NiallsPerfectSmile 🍀❤️👍💙🙏📷🎉🙊 11-20-2015 @Niall_Updatess

When he rocked these beautiful spectacles that sparked a revolution and opened your eyes to the wonderful world of Niall.

Niall with eye glasses is the highlight Of 2015 😂❤❤

When he was living his best life on top of a skyscraper and everything in the world suddenly stood still.

When he wore glasses.

When even Louis was like, holy shit I'm literally standing next to Niall !!!

When he was the Merriam-Webster's Dictionary definition of "perfect" while on the cover of "Perfect."

Did I mention his glasses???

Every single time he showed off his impeccable talents.

When he found out about all day McDonald's breakfast and appropriately flipped the fuck out.



When he was beaming like a damn ray of sunshine.

When his only Christmas wish was to go home and spend time with his family. ❤️

But, mostly, any single second that he was rocking glasses. Bless you, glasses. Bless you, Niall.

SEE YOU IN 2016!