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    21 Times Taylor Swift Proved She Has A Heart Of Gold

    She's been making her fans' dreams come true long before the media started writing about it.

    1. When she shut down a toy store, and took all the little kids from her "Mine" music video to pick out whatever toy they wanted:

    2. When she made a fan the ultimate breakup playlist:

    3. When she freaking SHOWED UP at a Swiftie's house with a bunch of presents for her fan's son Leyton:

    4. Every time she handpaints guitars to send to terminally ill kids:

    5. When she sent a fan $1989 to help pay off her student loans:

    6. When she surprised her mega-fan Gena by showing up at her freaking bridal shower:

    7. When she promised a teen with cancer that she would take him to the ACM awards, and then did:

    8. When she tracked down a Tumblr fan at The Grammys so she could meet her IRL:

    9. When she wrote and performed a song for Ronan, a three-year-old boy who died of cancer:

    10. When she casually invited a ton of fans over to her apartment for pizza:


    11. When she performed a duet of Adele's "Someone Like You" with a Leukemia patient:

    12. When she surprised a fan on The Ellen Show with tickets to her upcoming 1989 World Tour:

    13. When she went to go visit a girl who was too sick to make it to the Red tour:

    14. When she spent the day at Sloan Kettering Cancer Center meeting patients:

    15. When she invited some of her biggest fans to be a part of her "Shake It Off" music video:

    16. When she made it a point to go up to fans wearing Taylor Swift shirts to say hello:

    17. When she chatted with a fan in Central Park, and gave her $90 because it was her birthday:

    In New York City celebrating my friend's birthday, we went for a boat ride and we found Taylor swift

    18. When she gave endless inspiring advice to Swifties on Instagram:

    19. When she shut down a troll who was bullying a fan:

    20. When she made an impromptu appearance in an adorable fan's photo shoot while she was on a run:

    Sarah Bailey Photography

    21. When she made an impromptu appearance in an adorable fan's photo shoot while she was on a run:

    Thx @taylorswift13 @taylornation13 for being in my client's photoshoot yesterday You made her YEAR#TaylorSwift

    22. And every single SwiftEx package of gifts she sent to her Tumblr BFFs:

    Just some more proof that T. Swift legitimately has a heart of gold.

    And her inspiring relationship with her fans is *truly* like no other.