Taylor Swift Threw A Pizza Party In Her Apartment For Her Fans

Because pizza is the best way to shake off the ~haters~.

1. Taylor Swift, the queen of ~shaking it off~ not only invited the biggest #Swifties to her special live stream event in NYC, but she also invited them TO HER APARTMENT.

3. That’s right. After she announced her fifth album 1989, played her brand new single “Shake It Off” and showed the sassy new music video with a few of her *biggest* fans, they all then headed back to Tay’s apartment for some pizza.

7. But they didn’t just dine on some pizza. Oh no. Then they all took polaroids with Taylor and all her awards.

11. And they got to play with Olivia.

14. And she gave them some super sweet *Shake It Off* merch.

16. Oh, and also her apartment smells like Anthropologie. Because, DUH.

18. Basically we’re crying because we weren’t there—but it’s fine because we’re just gonna shake it off.

Big Machine Records / Via swiftalison.tumblr.com

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