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Ed Sheeran's "Castle On The Hill" Music Video Will Make You Miss Home

*Weeps forever*

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After a long hiatus, Ed Sheeran is officially back with his third studio album, Divide.

Which will be released on March 3rd.
Atlantic Records /

Which will be released on March 3rd.

And after releasing two new (incredible) singles, he's finally unveiled his first music video for Castle on the Hill.

With the single being an ode to his hometown, Sheeran actually went back to his roots and shot the video in his hometown of Framlingham in Suffolk, England.

And to make it even more emotional, it actually features people from his high school...

Loved filming this in Fram All these kids are actually from my high school! Go watch it & share it far and wide x

...including an insanely perfect teenage Ed lookalike.

Instagram: @teddysphotos

So turn your volume up, grab your old high school photo album (and maybe a tissue or three), and check out the video below:

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