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    Here's What A Day In The Life Of Ed Sheeran Looks Like

    The singer-songwriter took to Instagram to give fans a first look at his album release process.

    Ed Sheeran is officially back (!!!). And in celebration of his upcoming album Divide, he gave fans a behind-the-scenes look at ~a day in the life of Ed~ on his Instagram Story.

    He kicked things off hanging out at his label Atlantic Records...

    ...performed his two new singles "Castle on the Hill" and "Shape of You" for fans at his exclusive listening party...

    ...and sat down with us at the album event to answer all of your questions!

    If you could tattoo one person dead or alive, who would you tattoo and what would you give them?

    ES: I don't know, really! Probably Kevin, my secuirty guard. I'd tattoo MUFC, for Man United, 'cause he's a Tottenham fan. Or Chelsea, CFC.

    What's one of the craziest experiences you had while writing Divide?

    What's one piece of advice you’d give to your teenage self?

    ES: Carry on. It's going to be all right. Don't worry.

    If your music were to feature on a soundtrack of any past film, what film would that be?

    How's your writing process, and do you have times when you struggle to come up with song ideas?

    ES: Yeah, I have writer's block all the time. I think to be a good writer you have to know when not to push it. So when I have writer's block I just enjoy the fact that I have writer's block and I'll just not write and just chill out. So at the moment, now that the album's finished, I'm staying well away from the studio, I'm just like, havin' a bit of time. Because then when you go back, you've just got an influx of ideas that you didn't know were there. But when I'm on, I try and write as much as possible, so like, two or three songs a day, maybe more. "Shape of You" was actually one of four written that day, and it was the first one, and then we carried on.

    How long does it take to write one song?

    ES: "Shape of You" was like half an hour, because we were just trying to crank them out. So, Steve Mack did that marimba line, and then we just sort of wrote the tune, and then banked it, and then just worked on three others. Then you go back to it and listen to it and then you can produce it afterwards, but it's kind of pointless wasting time and putting so much time into a song that might not exist.

    Have you planned all the names of your albums? Even the very last one?

    Do you have any 2017 New Year’s resolutions?

    ES: Carry on not using my phone. That was my last year's resolution, and it got to the new year and I had my iPhone. I charged it up again, and I was just looking at it and I was like, nah, I'm all right.

    Did you not turn it on at all during your break?

    ES: No, no. I mean, I turned it on to get rid of iMessage — what I didn't want was loads of people to text me and be like, you didn't reply! So now if you text the number it goes as a "not sent," which was a kind of important thing I think, because otherwise people would just think I was rude.

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