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    Charlie Puth's "We Don't Talk Anymore" Video Might Make You Text Your Ex Or Something

    Watch the new video now, exclusively on BuzzFeed!

    Anything with Charlie Puth + Selena Gomez is bound to be 🔥, so it's no surprise that their new single "We Don't Talk Anymore" is really damn addicting.

    And the music video, which we're premiering today exclusively on BuzzFeed, is no different.

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    Aside from being an insanely beautiful bop, it also functions as a sort of Breakup Therapy 101, featuring all of those traumatic yet crucial steps of a breakup.

    Like when you text them and they ghost you like a damn monster.

    So you spend a few days in the back of a cab staring out melancholically into the distance.

    And then you meet someone new because you're an incredible human and don't need someone in your life that doesn't deserve you!!!

    But then three glasses of wine later, 2 a.m. comes along and you're sobbing in bed scrolling through your camera roll.

    And after debating about texting them, you realize that the past is a past for a reason. And you toss your phone away and move on.

    We've all been there, including Charlie, who shared some of his own dating words of wisdom with BuzzFeed.

    Including the fact that drunk texting is never a good idea.

    And that, as we all imagined, working with Selena is really damn fun.

    You can download "We Don't Talk Anymore" now on iTunes, and catch Charlie Puth this fall on the We Don't Talk Tour.