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    Posted on Jul 14, 2017

    15 Celebrity Tweets You Missed This Week

    Olivia Wilde listened to Eminem, Liam Payne congratulated Harry Styles, and more!

    1. Paris Hilton's boyfriend got this...interesting tattoo.

    My love surprised me & got my name tattooed in Disney font. Cause I'm his most magical place on Earth & he finally…

    2. Cole Sprouse had an existential crisis.

    3. Joe Jonas took a selfie.

    Might delete soon. Felt kinda cute in this pic 😘😏

    4. Ryan Seacrest had an excellent idea.

    Like snow days, us New Yorkers need humid days

    5. Olivia Wilde shared her deep respect for Eminem.

    I wonder if Eminem realized he was crafting the world's finest PMS anthems. 🤔 #grateful

    6. Liam Payne wished movie-star-Harry Styles good luck.

    @Harry_Styles good luck tonight mate! Sorry I can't be there can't wait to see you in action #DunkirkPremiere 🎥

    7. Neil Patrick Harris had some thoughts about The Emmys.

    Curse you, @TheEmmys, and all that you stand for!!! Um, possible to still get a ticke…

    8. Gina Rodriguez had some stellar advice.

    If you got time to worry about what someone else is doing then you need a hobby.

    9. Zara Larsson was left speechless by Beyoncé.

    Went to sleep and woke up to THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    10. Christina Applegate gave zero fucks.

    For one second today I thought " Darn I didn't get a mani pedi for my trip" Then I realized I don't give a shit! Happy summer!

    11. Sabrina Carpenter became Tom Holland's #1 stan.

    hey guys just saw Spider-Man gonna start stanning tom holland follow for updates!!!

    12. Lucy Hale had some coffee difficulties.

    barista: "what's your name for the order?" Me: "Lucy" Them: Lisa?" Me: "Lucy" Them: "Lindsey?" Me: "Lucy" Them: "Lacy gotcha" Nailed it 😑🔨

    13. Hugh Jackman enjoyed some palm trees.

    14. Jaden Smith became a superhero.

    People On The Street Literally Call Me Batman And Its So Amazing.

    15. And Chrissy Teigen had a case of mistaken baby identity.

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