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17 Celebrity Tweets You Missed This Week

Joe Jonas left some Yelp reviews, Missy Elliott celebrated girl power, and more!

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1. Anna Kendrick fangirled over Seth Meyers.

The "Jokes Seth Cant Tell" segment on Seth Meyers is so amazing it's stopping me from pre-production-stress-crying into my xlarge pizza rn 🙏

2. Camila Cabello coined brilliant new life motto.

My motto in life is "just keep swimming" by Dory except I replace "swimming" with "eating" to make it more relatable to me

3. Jaden Smith campaigned for Shia Labeouf to be released from jail.

4. Josh Gad had La La Land fever.

I need help. I now hum the #LALALAND score 40 percent of the day without realizing it. Any prescriptions?

5. Lea Michele shared a touching photo with Cory Monteith.

6. Rebel Wilson celebrated Australia Day on the set of Pitch Perfect 3.

Pitch Perfect does Australia Day! 🇦🇺

7. Lin-Manuel Miranda shared some beautiful words.

Gnight. One more thing. There's only one of you, & your perspective is irreplaceable, so please stay alive & keep at it, we need you. Thx!

8. George Takei shared a very interesting theory.

9. Oprah Winfrey shared a tribute to Mary Tyler Moore.

Even now looking at this picture I want to cry. I still can't believe Mary Tyler Moore touched my face. Will love…

10. Sabrina Carpenter recorded a "Shape of You" and "No Scrubs" mashup.

11. Joe Jonas left some Yelp reviews.

12. Kim Kardashian voted herself Funniest Kardashian Sister.

13. Missy Elliott celebrated girl power.

Ain't no shame LADIES DO YO THANG just make sure YOU AHEAD OF THE GAME‼️ayyyye🙌🏾💪🏾👸🏾💃🏾💯

14. Constance Wu showed off her very adorable bunny.

For some lighter fare, look how cute my bunny is ❤️🐰

15. Ed Sheeran went from GQ's worst dressed to cover star.

GQ worst dressed 2012 to 2016 cover, i am wearing a hoodie as i type this #inspiration #hashtag

16. Seth Rogen had some questions about Sean Spicer.

17. And Bella Thorne pulled a Kendall Jenner.

So like I'm getting a nip piercing ...😇 #pullingAKendall #inspired

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