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27 Behind-The-Scenes Pictures Of Celebs Getting Ready For The Golden Globes

Featuring a lot of glam squads, face masks, and robes.

1. Blake Lively claims she did not wake up like this:

2. Mandy Moore accomplished some major beauty multi-tasking:

3. Fellow This Is Us star Chrissy Metz looked flawless while getting glammed:

4. And so did Sterling Brown who looked dapper AF before heading out:

5. Julia Louis-Dreyfus rocked this chic face mask:

6. Emma Stone tried out a chic lip plumper:

7. Kristen Bell kicked things off with some matcha:

8. Goldie Hawn kept things very chill:

9. Gina Rodriguez looked flawless AF in the makeup chair:

10. Kerry Washington got a sweet message from her babe:

11. Sarah Jessica Parker showed off her many Globes accessories...


...and her final result:

12. Tracee Ellis Ross was like the smiley emoji IRL:

13. Anna Kendrick had some difficulty choosing these very chill and casual jewels:

14. Amy Schumer was very ~zen~:

15. Diego Luna took some selfies:

16. Rachel Bloom brought all her co-stars on her nails:

17. Sarah Paulson sipped on some coffee:

18. Sofia Vergara showed off her Globes necessities:

19. Gaten Matarazzo got ready with his Stranger Things crew:

20. Laura Dern showed off her glam squad:

21. Maisie Williams kicked things off with a good ol' face mask:

22. Lily Collins documented the final touches:

23. Teresa Palmer did some major multi-tasking:

24. Felicity Huffman shared her before and after:

25. Hailee Steinfeld documented her final ~getting ready~ moments:

26. Chris Hemsworth took a backseat selfie:

27. And Reese Witherspoon looked radiant AF:

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